Thursday, April 16, 2009

The boys are back and so is my blog

Hey there, sorry I haven't written for a while. I'm now on the other side of a relaxing two-week student-free spring break. But classes resumed on Wednesday so all of the guys started returning on Tuesday morning. I drove to the airport twice on Tuesday to pick up loads of students - kids from our dorm and others as well, who I dropped off at their dorms on the way back to HBR. Days that are full of pick-up operations like this are always managed to the last detail, very exciting, and very tiring. There were probably at least 30 runs made on Tuesday by various dorms to different airports and train stations, and there were several more made on Monday and Wednesday. Welcoming students back is always exciting because it feels like they've been gone for much longer than they really have so you make sure to find each student to give him a hug and for the most part, they are happy to see us again. But it's always a tiring day - I suppose because we basically don't get any time off all day long. The guys generally don't feel up to doing too much, but we have to always be on our toes waiting for the next student to show up, and there's always something to do yet nothing to do. I know that doesn't make sense. But anyway, it takes only a very short bit of time before we are back in the thick of the schedule here in the dorm. So now I am once again used to seeing a lot of the same sights through the day that I'm used to. Here are a few of these sights.

Guys wasting time on computers in the aptly named computer room (yes, you can see facebook on the screens)

Guys coming home from soccer practice and bringing us our dinner

Guys holding things?

Guys studying and wandering the halls during study hours (this is my view from the end of the hall where I'm sitting and supervising the junior floor on Thursday during study hours at night)

Guys sitting in the rec room watching a TV show (we usually show a couple episodes per week)

Guys stealing my camera and flashing me in the face with it...

We also enjoyed our first home soccer games on this first weekend back. They took place today (Saturday). The weather was at times sunny and at times cold and rainy, but overall, it was a good experience. Through two weekends of games so far, none of the teams has lost a game, not boys or girls, not varsity or JV. It's all been wins and a tie or two. So that's been exciting for the kids (coming off of a winless year for boys' varsity basketball). Here are a couple pics I took at the game today.

Over the break, I had the privilege of becoming a quarter-century old on April 3rd. During the first week of the break, I was given the surprise opportunity to visit Nice, France when somebody from the BFA community informed me that that there was a time share available for me to use there which they were intending to use but couldn't because of sickness. So all I had to do was get there. So a few other RA's and I drove down to the Nice area (through four countries in all) and I spent my birthday in Nice. So that was fun!

It's funny because if I drive seven hours southwest from my home in Illinois... I'm in Kansas or Oklahoma or something. But if I do it from my home here... I'm in France or Italy. So I'm glad to take advantage of that benefit to living here once in a while. This is a picture of me blowing out candles at a party held for me once I was back at the end of the week. And the other ones show our Easter meal that the RA's and some of the other staff were able to share together.

I included the middle shot because prominently featured in the foreground is my very own strawberry rhubarb cobbler (Thanks for the recipe, Grandma!) It's one of my favorites from home so I was happy I got to make it and be reminded of family on Easter. And I'm standing at the table because I'm preparing to pray for the meal (I think because I was the only one wearing a tie).

So things are going well here, and I can't believe there are only seven more weeks of school left. The countdown is officially beginning: until the end of school and the chance to see family and friends. That countdown is especially significant for our seniors and for staff who will be leaving BFA this year. Pray for guidance for those staff members trying to plan their future, especially in light of the economic climate. And pray for our seniors to stay focused and finish strong through the end of the year and to enjoy their last couple of months here. Thank you! See you soon!