Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Banquet

This Saturday (Nov 29th) was BFA's Christmas Banquet. For about a month prior, most of the guys at HBR had been working up courage to ask a girl in some creative way to be his date to the banquet. Songs were sung, flowers were offered, poems were recited, eggs were laid... all done for the word "yes" from a sweet young lady. I drove one guy to a girls' dorm after dinner and witnessed him performing a song he wrote on guitar first over the PA system and then in front of her. Overall, it was a fun and exciting time for the guys (and probably more so for the girls, I think).

After weeks of anticipation, the day was finally here. We admired their suits and helped tie their neckties. I convinced one guy that he needed to borrow a pair of black socks. We arrived at the school at around six and all of the boys waited outside for their dates to show up so that they could escort them indoors. After a lot of milling around and pictures being taken, the banquet officially started. The theme of the banquet was "Christmas in France." There was an Eiffel Tower on stage, and we were served all night by middle schoolers with thin mustaches.

The program was composed of a three-course meal, musical acts by the students, wishes being granted for them, and parents' emails being read. The emails from the seniors' parents to the kids were mostly made up of statements like "I can't believe this is your last year" and "I remember when you were filling your diapers." The wishes by the students were submitted in the month leading up to the banquet and Student Council along with the staff chose which wishes to grant. One kid wished for hot drinks to be available in the student center. One girl received elf shoes. The girls' volleyball team wished for Coach Woodward to put on a performance for the audience. A couple girls wished for a surprise and received a box of junk that was garage sale worthy. Our very own David Cho wished to go out on a date with the prettiest single teacher at school and won himself a night out with Mr. Michaels. The kids auditioned to be able to sing a song at the banquet, and the musical performances were done well. The last act of the night was a student singing, "I'll Be Home for Christmas," a song which hasn't meant much to me in the past but that is a lot more moving this year all of a sudden.

This is Phil playing guitar and singing a song with another student named Amelie. He's really talented!

This is the Christmas court, as voted on by the student body. Note the French items given to each student. Aryan from HBR on the far right was chosen to represent the senior class on the court. He was the Big Cheese for the night.

This is one of the group pictures I got of HBR at the banquet. Can you find me?

The Christmas banquet was the biggest excitement we've had around here for a while. There are only two more full weeks of school before the Christmas break. You can tell that most of the students are ready for a break. They've been here a long time, and they're getting a little antsy pantsy. I have to say that I'm ready for the break as well. Weeks upon weeks of a job like this will take its toll on you! I feel physically drained, and I can imagine I will just collapse and not get up for a week as soon as the last student is dropped off at the airport. Continue to pray for me getting my rest and for the preparations for Christmas. Thank you!


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