Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fine, I'll start a blog

I don't even like blogs. They don't interest me. But as I get ready to embark on a journey that leads me out of the comfort of the States, I might as well get used to trying new things. Several people have suggested I look into getting a blog, and I am ready to give in and take their recommendation. It seems to be a good option for you (my family, friends, people praying for me, people supporting me financially, anyone interested) to stay updated on me and my ministry and what's going on. So I submit to you my first blog.

As this is my first post, I suppose I need to lay out everything that is going on. In less than a month (Lord willing) I will be in Germany as a missionary serving at Black Forest Academy. BFA is a boarding school for missionary kids that exists to provide a quality, international Christian education that equips its students to influence their world through biblical thought, character, and action. I will be working as an RA (Resident Assistant) and living in a dorm with a bunch of high school guys. My job will involve helping with their daily needs like cooking, laundry, and driving. I will also get a chance as an RA to build relationships with the students, showing them the love of Christ and helping them to grow. This is the part that I'm really excited about! Now it seems like you know nearly as much as I do about the coming months.

Like I mentioned, I am going over as a missionary, and I'm raising all of my own support. This is the part that's scary - not the fact that I'm moving to another country away from everything that I know. I have to raise about $1800 per month for the next two years. As I write I have raised approximately $700 per month. That's about 40% (I'm allowed to leave once I have at least 80%). I'm supposed to fly over around August 1st so I should try to have my support in by mid-July. That's about a week or so from now. Does the last $1100 per month that I have to raise represent a lot of money? Yes. Is it too much for God? No. Do I know where all of that money is going to come from? No. Does God? Yes. A lot of you probably haven't had to raise support before, but trust me, it is a stretching experience. But I feel that God has called me to serve Him in Germany, and now I have to trust that He will get me there. I am committed to taking joy in watching God raise up the people whom He has already appointed to partner with me in my ministry. Slowly, more people are committing to help me, and I am crawling closer and closer to Germany. Never before to this degree have I been forced to admit that I am helpless and just trust God, and it feels good. I will try to post again soon to keep you updated. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your prayers! God bless!
In His service,

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