Friday, August 15, 2008

Haus Bad Riedlingen

Hallo! About a week of orientation has gone by so I suppose I should explain what's been going on. Sunday all of the new RA's found out what dorm they will be serving in during this school year. I was placed in HBR, which stands for Haus Bad Riedlingen. Most of the dorms are not in the town of Kandern itself where the school is but in small villages spread around the area. HBR is near the villages of Holzen and Riedlingen. Before we found out where we were going, I didn't have a preference about where I ended up. But now? I'm an HBR man all the way. It's the best dorm at the school. Here's a picture of it that I stole from the BFA website.

Monday through Wednesday this week involved orientation sessions in the morning (counseling services, financial matters, a tour of BFA's campus, discussions on the culture) and found us all working on our dorms in the afternoon. HBR has had some construction on it during the summer, and everything seems to have a thick layer of dust on it. So things need to be cleaned, and all of the rooms need to be ready to be lived in again soon. I've also spent time in the afternoons driving around in the BFA vans practicing the manual transmission, and I'm doing well on that front. All of us pretty much have the hang of it now. Thursday we visited IKEA so all of the new RA's could find everything they need to furnish their room the way they like it. This admittedly made the girls a little more excited than the guys, but I'm happy with what I could get, too. I got a nice, comfortable chair, a computer chair, a dresser, and a bookshelf. As soon as my room is set up, I will try to upload some pictures on here. Friday we did a lot more work on our dorm and Saturday we will all be doing work on one dorm which needs more of a group effort with a lot of furniture being built and moved around to different floors.

The students come on the 24th so we have about a week left to prepare. Frankly, I think we're all ready for them to show up. We love hanging out with each other, but really it's all about the kids. All of the RA's are all still living in one dorm (Storch), but I'll be moving into HBR this weekend on Sunday. This has been a vital time for all of the res life staff to get to know each other and build friendships before the school year starts. If you have prayed for the unity of the staff during the orientation weeks, that prayer is being answered! Continue to pray for us as we take care of all the last-minute preparations before the students arrive. Thank you!

In His Service,


S~K~G~J said...

That dorm is beautiful!!! This is all so exciting to read. I can't wait to hear abour "your" students as you come to know them. Way to go in learning manual transmission...the thought alone terrifies me!

Susan said...

i'm glad things are startin off so well! and i'm really glad you have this blog! i love reading about what's goin on with you over there! prayin for you!!