Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There Went September

Wow! Weeks have gone by filled with many intentions to add to this blog. Well, the RA position is living up to its reputation of being busy and exhausting. I will say that. I will start taking pictures of some of the guys to put on here, but until then, here are some pictures of a hike that I took with some others to the ruins of a castle not too far from school. It was maybe 5 kilometers away. Kilometers, you say? Yes, you silly Americans! I don't remember the name of the castle, but it was something like Soussenburg.

You can see the castle in the far distance of this first picture. I really can't believe I walked that far. No, hiking is not my favorite, but the castle was cool.

I recently figured out how to use the sepia tone feature on my camera so get yourself psyched up for some more in the future!

Rounding a bend and fighting the urge to complain about aching muscles and lack of breath.

This is the main tower of the castle. We climbed up inside and ate lunch at the top.

View from the top.

So anyway, I will leave you with those, and I have plans to get on and add more stuff soon. Until then, remember that God is good, and His creation is beautiful! Go outside right now and hike to your nearest castle. It's a good time. God bless!



Pheaney Lindell said...

"Have fun storming the castle boys"

You're in my prayers! Keep up the good work... next time bring a crossbow!

Alison said...

Wow, those pictures are amazing! I'm way stoked for more sepia tone pictures and I really wish there was a castle nearby so I could go for a hike!

I'm so glad to hear how God's using you!

S~K~G~J said...

HAHA - Our nearest castle is "The White Castle" on hwy 11.
Not near as picturesque as your's, but a castle nonetheless.
We're praying for you, Brandon. Your face is on our fridge, and Steve prays for you every time he works out....
Thanks for the updates. We love ready them!